This is an aspect of gastronomy that is not well known even among wine lovers. Here is some advice [...


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"Oeufs en meurette"

It has to be tasted [...]


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Connoisseurs and gourmets, this space is for you! Discover Burgundy through its gastronomic treasures. We offer you recipes from Burgundy, as well as suggestions to fit food with wines. A selection of good plans will allow you to discover restaurants in Burgundy. Without forgetting regional products and local specialities: get yourself guided for a gourmet trip!

Oeufs en meurette   12.03.2010

It has to be tasted...

Spice bread   12.03.2010

To savour for breakfast or tea time...

Ecrevisses au Chablis   21.11.2008

Des écrevisses toutes rouges, une sauce au chablis, quelques tiges de ciboulette et une pointe de safran pour la présentation. C’est tout simple à préparer et c’est délicieux !

An original recipe for Christmas and New Year’s Eve...

Gougères   1.01.1970
Enough to surprise your guests for the aperitif...
The harmony between food and wine is achieved when the sensations created by the food and the wine are harmonized to reach a certain perfection that neither could obtain individually.